Caracal family in enduimet during safari with caracal tours & safaris in Tanzania

Hey fellow adventurers,

I’m excited to share with you my recent safari experience in Enduimet, Tanzania, where Mother Nature surprised us with unexpected rain showers, transforming the landscape into a lush green paradise.

Departing from Moshi bright and early with Caracal Tours & Safaris, our journey began with a scenic drive through misty slopes, a rare sight on this usually sun-soaked side of Mount Kilimanjaro. As we approached the gate of Enduimet, the sun greeted us, promising a day of thrilling wildlife encounters.

Our safari kicked off with sightings of zebras, giraffes, and the elegant gerenuks, unique antelopes that can stand on their hind legs to reach high branches. The plains were teeming with wildebeests and gazelles, while playful young giraffes added a touch of charm to the landscape.

But the highlight of our adventure came when our guide, baba Mia, spotted a herd of elephants grazing in the distance. Six magnificent bulls, peacefully enjoying their surroundings, captivated our hearts. Stepping out of the vehicle, we felt a deep connection to these gentle giants, a moment I’ll never forget.

After a delightful bush picnic lunch under the shade of a tree, we embarked on our journey back, only to encounter the elephants again, this time reveling in a mud bath. Watching them splash around in the water was a true testament to the beauty of wildlife conservation.

As we navigated flooded roads, guided by Maasai tribespeople, I couldn’t help but marvel at the resilience of local communities in the face of nature’s challenges. Enduimet’s enchanting beauty, even in the rain, left a lasting impression on my soul.

So there you have it, my friends – an unforgettable safari adventure in Enduimet, where every moment was filled with magic and wonder. Until next time, keep exploring and embracing the beauty of our world.

Happy travels,


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